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  • Megan Langan | Loquat Co

Why do you need to hire a Social Media Manager for your Vacation Rentals?

Are you a vacation rental or AirBnB host? Do you run a property management company for multiple short term rental (STR) properties? Are you relying on your website or listing to do the heavy lifting when it comes to booking new guests? Wouldn't it be amazing to have a steady stream of new guests who come to you and keep your calendar booked and your income consistent?

If this sounds like you, you may be missing out on the benefits of leveraging social media to find your ideal guest and be at the top of mind when they are booking their next vacation. As a vacation rental host or property management company you are already spread thin. Between managing your listings, keeping up with guest communication, coordinating cleaners and linen services, and dealing with routine maintenance there are already too few hours in the day. Now add on top of that trying to keep up with the ever-changing algorithms and best practices for multiple social media platforms and you may find yourself drowning.

The good news is that you don't have to do it all on your own...

Here are our top 3 reasons to OUTSOURCE your social media management

and get some of your life back!

1) Save Time

Chances are your to-do list just gets longer every time you check an item off. Even if you are at the point in your vacation rental journey that you are no longer scrubbing bathtubs and making an endless amount of beds, your personal tasks for the business likely add up.

If you're busy managing your business during the day, are you trying to stay on top of your social media posts between tasks or in the evening? You deserve to have some down time, and keeping up with continual changes in social media strategy is a full time job.

Hirer someone who's job it is to keep up with these trends and let your business reap the benefits.

2) Save Money

Have you ever boosted a post on Instagram instead of developing a full ad in Facebook Ads Manager?

Have you had weeks on your calendar in the off season with zero bookings because you didn't have the energy to leverage your social media following for new bookings?

Have you ever spent hours developing a post that flops because of a best practices change that you were unaware of because social media is not your main gig?

Outsourcing your Social Media Management to someone means that you are not wasting your time (and let's be honest, time is money) on outdated or ill informed social media tactics. Hire someone who is in the industry day in and day out to help with organic and paid marketing, increase your booking rates, and give you hours of your life back.

3) Save your Sanity

The vacation rental & property management industry likes to pretend it's an easy breezy way to have a passive income stream. While this may be true once you have been hosting for years and have teams and systems in place that allow you to take a more passive role in your business; you may find yourself a long way off from that goal.

Don't add to your stress by trying and failing to use social media to your advantage. Utilize a Social Media expert to help meet your overall business and marketing goals with a comprehensive strategy and implementation.

Trust me, I know have you feel!

No, really. I was in the Vacation Rental Industry for 5+ years...

I know what a struggle it can be to wear all of the hats.

Would you like someone familiar with both the STR & Social Media industries to take your platforms to the next level.

Reach out & let me take away some of your burden.

  • Save Time

  • Save Money

  • Save your Sanity

Not quite ready to outsource, but need to stay up to date on social media trends in the meantime? Join the email list & we will do all of the research for you! Join Here.


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