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Hi, I'm Megan!

Founder & CEO 

I am eager to help small business owners and solopreneurs get back to the parts of the business that they love. As a former educator and entrepreneur in the outdoor industry I have seen first hand how getting bogged down in the details takes away the joy and passion for the job. 

I started Loquat Co to come alongside individuals who are feeling the weight of doing it all on their own. I have been there, and that burden is too much to bear. It thrills me that I am able to lighten the load by creating cohesive and creative content to bring a spark back not only to a businesses online presence, but also to the faces behind them.


Originally from sunny Florida but recently relocated as my husband (the cute one in the photo) embarks on his new adventure with the USGC in Oahu, Hawaii. When I'm not behind the computer screen you can find me hunting for the best coffee shop or the sweetest happy hour.  My passion for a good cortado and a great glass of wine are topped by my love for travel, intentional conversation, and finding beauty in unexpected places.

Life is short and wonderful, let me help you get your spark back. 



Loquat Co is a full-service digital marketing agency for small business owners & solopreneurs. We're passionate about helping entrepreneurs find their voice, reach new customers, and grow their businesses without taking on all the work themselves.


Loquat Co understands the passion that drives your company—it's what got us started too! That's why we focus on helping you do what you love while we take care of the rest. It doesn't matter if you're just starting out or have been in business for decades, we've got a package that will fit into your budget and maximize your ROI.


We have experienced firsthand how hard it can be to manage your own online presence while running a company, and we want to take the burden off of other entrepreneurs so you can focus on what you do best!

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