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  • Megan Langan | Loquat Co

Vacation Rental Marketing: Is it time to quit relying on Airbnb?


Let's face it, the hospitality industry can be tough. Have you seen a slow down in bookings since the last algorithm update? As an Airbnb host you have likely faced many struggles, and the Summer 2022 slow down is just another obstacle to over come. My tip is to stop relying solely on a platform that you do not have ownership of and start taking back your control.

Is it time to throw in the towel with Airbnb?! No, but it is time to shift the way that you are marketing your property. Quite relying on Airbnb & utilize a website to increase your vacation rental bookings.

Beat the Airbnb Algorithm

If the recent shift in the Airbnb site design and algorithm had a major, negative effect on your listing - it's time to rethink how you are doing things. In the past a short term rental host could maintain a high occupancy rate by simply having a nice listing and bringing in 5-star reviews. But times they are a changing!

3 ways to beat the algorithm:

  • List on multiple platforms (ie Airbnb, VRBO, Homestay, etc)

  • Create a business website (link to listing or direct booking)

  • Utilize social media

Take Ownership of your Following

If the only way potential guests can find your listing is through an Airbnb search you truly have no ownership of your following. When someone lands on the Airbnb website even stellar listings can get lost in the oversaturated market. Creating a custom website for your listing(s) means that you own the traffic that you drive there.

Once you create your website make sure that it is SEO optimized, you have an active area specific blog, and you are utilizing organic social media and paid advertising to drive traffic to your site.

"Help increase visibility, boost direct bookings, and gain credibility." – Andrea, Mamma Mode

Improve Guest Communication

Quality guest communication is the best way to ensure guest satisfaction and to increase the number of people who re-book your listing the next time they are in the area. When you stop relying on Airbnb and take ownership of your following on your website you will also be able to improve guest communication.

  • Collect email addresses

  • Use a lead magnet

  • Have an epic welcome sequence

  • Maintain consistent communication even after guests have checked out

Are you ready to take your Airbnb property to the next level?

Stop relying on the Airbnb algorithm, take ownership of your following, and improve guest communication. Need more Airbnb host tips & tricks to beat the algorithm: Click Here for your "Algorithm Proof Airbnb Marketing Bundle."


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