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  • Megan Langan | Loquat Co

Instagram Content Ideas for Realtors

What is the first thing a potential client encounters when it comes to you as an agent? This day and age often times potential buyers and sellers first find you on social media. Before they ever meet you in the flesh, your online presence makes the first impression. The choices you make on your social media platforms can make or break your success as a real estate agent. Follow the content idea tips below to ensure that you are making the type of impact, and in turn income, that you are hoping for.

Property & Neighborhood Highlights


  • New properties

  • Exclusive listings

  • Just sold

  • Just leased

  • Under Contract

Before & Afters:

  • Property staging

  • Construction & renovations

  • New appliances/fixtures


  • Special amenities (pools, playgrounds, golf courses, etc)

  • Local & nearby things to do

  • Local & nearby restaurants, cafes, coffee shops, bars, etc

  • Most underrated neighborhoods

  • Most family friendly neighborhoods

  • Most walkable neighborhoods

  • Best neighborhoods for young professionals

What's your story?

About you:

  • Video/carousel introducing yourself

  • What is your specialty?

  • What was your first sale?

  • Most memorable experience as a realtor

  • Who is your role model or hero?

  • What are your hobbies outside of real estate?

  • A day in the life

  • Office of the day

Show your Expertise

Stand out:

  • Client testimonials

  • Open house highlights

  • Company/agent achievements


  • Tips for buyers

  • Tips for sellers

  • Market statistics

  • Infographics

  • Local & global news

  • FAQs

Focus on the Experience

While your properties may feel like the most important feature of your business, make sure you are showing your current and potential clients what they would experience by choosing to work with you. Do you have an amazing closing gift for your home buyers? Show it. Do your sellers become like family to you? Show that! What are the things that set you apart from all of the other agents that they are bypassing to work with you? Make sure they see it.


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