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  • Megan Langan | Loquat Co

5 Ways to Collect Emails as an AirBnB Host

We all know that we need to grow our Email List, but how do you get email addresses from guests as an AirBnB host? AirBnB certainly does not make this easy.

The main goal of AirBnB is to keep guests on their site without the ability to communicate with you (and potentially directly book) elsewhere. What a struggle that was for us when we were running our glamping company (peep @fancycamps - my brother and sister-in-law took back over when we moved to Hawaii) and we knew that building our list was important. Even if you are not ready to start your own website & have your guest directly book it is still important to maintain communication with them after they leave.

Why, you might ask? With vacation rentals, the best guest is the one that you already have. Use your email list to - fill last minute opening, offer unique add-ons, promote discounts/sales, advertise your area, promote other area businesses. The options are endless.

The best ways to build an email list without making AirBnB upset are the following:

Grow That Email List

1. Ask Directly

If you interact with your guests for check in in person or via text/phone, let them know that the email list is the best way to know your upcoming openings, discounts, etc.

2. The Classic Guest Book

Go old school. Create a custom guest book, and have each guest include their email address when they sign in (with this option sometimes handwriting can be an issue).

3. Use a Wifi Solution

Use a WiFi Solution like StayFi that requires guest to give their email to login to the network... No one can go without wifi for a night :)

4. Use A Lead Magnet

My personal fav... use a lead magnet. Create a guide to the area as a PDF download. Using an email platform (I love FloDesk) you can create a form for guests to subscribe in order to receive the download. Make sure to link to the form from all social media platforms.

Signup with my FloDesk link HERE for 50% off.

5. Use a Scan-able QR Code (with link to Lead Magnet)

Once you create your lead magnet landing page or sign up form, put a scan-able QR code in with your welcome book that says something like "Want an epic guide to the area with all of the local favs, scan here to download our curated guide." Guests use their phone to scan, signup, and download the guidebook.

Bonus: Lead Magnet Checklist &

5 Scroll Stoping Lead Magnet Ideas

Click HERE!


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