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  • Megan Langan | Loquat Co

How to Grow Your Email List and Why It's Important

Let's face it... Social Media alone isn't enough! Instagram, Facebook, TikTok - These platforms are always evolving, and we don't truly have ownership of our audience.

Are you a vacation rental owner? A property management company? A realtor? Did you know that organic reach on Instagram, for example, is often less than 3% 😲Ouch! That hurts.

It is important to get people off of social media and create a community where you have more say in the communication. The best way to maintain relationships with your past clients & guests while at the same time building a new audience is through Email. To some that may sound old school, but the stats are there to back it up.

21% of emails are opened in the first hour of delivery. There is an average 4200% ($42 for every $1 spent) ROI on email marketing. Those numbers look a little better than the tiny 5% reach of a typical feed post.

If you are a realtor you can use your email list to connect with past buyers/sellers & to educate future clients as well. If you are a vacation rental owner you can use your email list to connect with past guests to ensure you are at the top of their mind when they book their next vacation. Both realtors and vacation rental owners can use your email list to show up as an area expert by highlighting events and hot spots in the area and solidifying why buying or vacationing in your area is a must.

So now that you see the benefits of Email Marketing you are probably wondering how to get started...

Here are 4 Easy Steps to Start & Grow Your Email List

1) Choose A Provider

Don't rely on Gmail to get the job done.

There are numerous email software platforms that help build your list, create workflows & send out beautiful campaigns.

Our personal fav is FloDesk, but there are plenty of other options as well (MailChimp, ConvertKit, & Mailerlite just to name a few). Click HERE for an awesome FloDesk discount!

2) Create a Lead Magnet

Create a Freebie or an Opt-In that someone would be willing to exchange their email address for.

Create a downloadable or printable resource for your followers & be sure that it provides value!

If you need some inspiration check out my FREE Lead Magnet Checklist here.

3) Share Your Offer

Now that you've done the hard work of creating a Lead Magnet you need to let people know about it!

Create an opt-in form through your chosen provider and share the link on social media, in your profile, on your blog.

Keep sharing. Keep growing.

4) Create an Email Campaign

Now that people are blown away by your free resources, let's keep them involved!

Create your first email campaign to welcome new additions to the tribe.

That's It! Sound like something you can do? I promise it will lead to great things for your business.

Are you ready to start your email list, but need some assistance with your lead magnet? Check out my FREE Lead Magnet Checklist along with 5 scroll stopping lead magnet ideas for vacation rentals Here.


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