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  • Megan Langan | Loquat Co

5 Profile Tips for Instagram & Facebook

You probably never do this! This week we are talking all about Facebook & Instagram. You likely started your instagram account months or even years ago, and haven't made adjustments to your profile since then. As the algorithm changes along with details about your target audience and specific marketing strategies, your profile should be adjusted to keep up. You only have 150 characters total... let's make them count!

Here are 5 things every business profile should contain:

Profile Must Haves

1. Who

Your profile picture & name should clearly show who you are. Choose a clear and professional photo or logo for your profile on both FB & Insta. Make sure it is the same on both platforms. Your name should also include industry and location details (go from “Magnolia Casita” to → “Magnolia Casita | FL AirBnB”). Remember to stay under 30 Characters.

2. What

Your special sauce. What sets you apart from industry peers. If you are a short term rental or AirBnB host, what is unique about your property or amenities. If you are a service provider, what do you offer that a client can't find from anyone else in the industry. It is easy to disappear in the noise on social media, make sure there is something in your profile that helps you stand out.

3. When

Numbers stand out in writing. List the number of years you've been in service, the number of 5 star reviews you have received, or the percentage of sales you have helped others achieve. Using specific numbers also adds credibility.

4. Where

If your business is location specific be sure to include the location in your profile (and if possible also in your name). This helps you pop up in the feed when people are searching for businesses in your area. Also include where they can contact you. "Tap the Link" "DM for Details" "Call for Information."

5. Why

Why you? Answer this question well, and your target audience won't be able to resist. The key is to know what you audience needs & show them how you can meet that need.

Bonus: Use your website link to capture your audience for your email list. A lead magnet is a great way to do this. Check out the FREE checklist below.

Vacation Rental Lead Magnet Checklist &

5 Scroll Stoping Lead Magnet Ideas

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